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Chocolate Bar Bouquet


Celebration Ball Bouquet

Our Chocolate Bar Bouquets are the ideal treat for any occasion. Each Bouquet is specially designed to display a variety of branded chocolates and treats. Containing over 40 very edible items!


Our Standard Chocolate Bar Bouquets are handcrafted using everyone's favourite, Cadbury selection Chocolates and branded Sweets,

such as:

Twirl . Cadburys Buttons . Cadburys Dairy Milk . Curly Wurly . Cadburys Caramel . Crunchie . Cadburys Fudge . Wispa . Milky bar . Chomp . Freddo. Alongside a selection of Individually wrapped sweets - Fruitella . Refresher bars . Fruit Lollies, etc.*


Available in three sizes,

Small £14.95,

Standard £19.95

Large £29.95.

Small Contains: 13 Bars, 5 Lollies and 10 Individually wrapped sweets

Standard contains: 17 Bars, 6 Lollies & 16 individually wrapped sweets.

Large contains: 25 Bars, 9 Lollies & 20 individually wrapped sweets

Upon request, Galaxy, Nestle Milky Bar and Sweetie Bar Bouquets available.

Galaxy Bouquets Containing: Galaxy Milk, Bubbles, Minstrels, and Milky Bars. Available in Standard and Large sizes.

Milky Bar Bouquets Containing: Various sizes of Milky Bars and Milky Bar Buttons. Available in Standard and Large sizes.

Sweetie Bar Bouquets Containing all your favorite sweets both retro and new such as: Skittles, Sour Skittles, Roundtree's Randoms, Fruit Salad Bars, Drumstick Bars , Starburst, Extreme Chewits, Flump, Refresher Bars, Alongside; Fizzers, Fruit Chews, Fruit Lollies, Double Lollies, Swirly Lollies, etc.*

Available in Small and Standard sizes Only.


*Contents may vary subject to availability & some products may contain nuts.

Contents my vary in seasonal specials.

Our Celebration Ball is literally a giant ball of treats which appear to be exploding from it's container. Ideal for sharing at parties, birthdays, as a special thank you or as a delicious and colourful table decoration;

the possibilities are endless!

As many as 84 tempting items on each creation.


A Celebration Ball Bouquet can contain an assortment of twist wrapped chocolates, toffees or other tempting treats from our standard sweet selection, including*:


  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunks (Limited Availability),

  • Cadbury Heroes,

  • Cadbury Roses,

  • Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations,

  • Chocolate Eclair's,

  • Raspberry Ruffles,

  • Love Hearts,

  • Retro Sweets,

  • Fruit Lollipops,

A Premium Sweet selection is also available including*:

  • Fererro Rocher

  • Lindt Lindor - Milk, White, Dark, Coconut, Orange, Mint and Assorted.


Available in two sizes, Standard and a Large:

Standard size contains 55 sweets - £24.95, 

with Premium sweet Selection £34.95

Large size contains 84 sweets - £29.95,

with Premium sweet Selection £39.95


They can be custom made with one particular type of treat or a mix and in many colours to suit any occasion.


*(Contents may vary subject to availability, some products may contain nuts. Contents my vary in seasonal specials. Extra notice may be required for Premium selection )