Drinks Dispensers


Drinks Dispensers create a spectacular taking point at your special event. They are not only great at large events such as weddings but perfect for smaller events such as Baby Showers and Children's Parties!



Drinks Stations are very on trend for all types of events, they make the perfect alternative to traditional drinks receptions or a great self service option.


Great for summer events and for venues without drinks facilities, such as home events. Perfect for Pimms!


Each Dispenser holds 5L each which is enough for 25 200ml portions, they are easily topped up during your event or more Drinks Dispensers can be supplied for easier serving.


They can be supplied with our without stand as shown and can also be raised using another decorative item to match your theme, eg, Wooden Crate or Wicker Basket.


Our Drinks Dispensers are supplied empty as standard for you or your Venue to fill during your event, which not only may be convenient for you but also saves on any venue Corkage frees.

If drinks are not available at your venue, we can also supply drinks for you, please see below for more information.


Glassware is also available, please see below.

Milk Bottles/Glassware
To accompany our Drinks Dispensers we can also supply for hire, Vintage mini Milk Bottles with Vintage Striped Paper Straws for your guests, which are very on trend for Weddings and events.
Not only do they look great but are also perfect if your event venue does not supply glassware for you. They hold 200ml each so are perfect for 25 servings from one full Drinks Dispenser.
Please check with your individual venue on their rules regarding corkage, glassware etc.. as frees may apply.



Drinks - Belvoir Cordial


If you require drinks for your event, then don't worry, we can help.

Along with your Drinks Dispenser we can supply you with naturally delicious cordials by Belvoir and Buxton mineral water.

This amazing brand, Belvoir, make delicious traditional cordials and do not contain any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.


Not only are they very vintage and sophisticated drinks but the beauty of Belvoir cordials are they are perfect to add your own alcohol to make a very trendy cocktail!


They are available in many amazing flavours, such as:



Raspberry and Lemon,

Blueberry and Blackcurrent,

Lime and Lemongrass,

Rhubarb and Strawberry,

Apple and Ginger,

Apple, Plum and Cinnamon,

Blackcurrent and Apple,

Honey, Lemon and Ginger,

Raspberry and Rose,

Winter Spiced Berries,

and more, please ask for current availability.


They will be supplied in sealed bottles for you/your venue to chill prior to your event and then dispense when ready.


Please check with your indervidual venue on their rules regarding corkage, glassware etc.. as frees may apply.