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"At Bon Bon Buffets we believe that the attention to detail and extra touches will help bring the whole look togther, that will impress your guests to make a fantastic event to remember."

At Bon Bon Buffets not only to we supply delicious Sweetie Buffets and Favours but we also have other items to hire for your special event. They are designed to co ordinate with our Sweetie Buffet displays so the same theme can be seen throughout your event.

Discounts are also available when ordered with a Sweetie or Gourmet Popcorn Buffet.

However you do not need to order a Buffet or Favours to hire any of our items, just simply give us a call or email and we can deliver and collect your chosen hired items directly to/from your venue.

Also as a finishing touch your hired items will include personalised labels/sign (as appropriate) as with all of our products.

Please take a look at our dedicated page for each item by using the dropdown menu above or by clicking the images below.

Card Boxes

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