How it works...

Here at Bon Bon Buffets we believe that each and every Sweetie Buffet and Favour is as individual as your special event and no two are the same. We want to make the process of choosing the perfect personalised Sweetie Buffet for your special event as easy as possible. So we have created and listed these easy steps to help.


TIP: As an extra help... When navagating through our Website's Options page please look out for the

Green "Included" and Pink "Optional Extra" symbols to help understand our pricing.


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Choose your Glassware / Style

We have four distinctive styles of Glassware that will suit every taste, every event and the current trends. These styles have been put together for you to either choose from or you can mix styles if you wish. If you have seen a particular piece of glassware that is a "must have" for your Sweetie Buffet, don't be afraid to ask! Take a look at our Vintage, Glamorous, Pick 'n' Mix and Tea Party styles on our Styles Page.



Choose your colour / theme

At Bon Bon Buffets we believe in attention to detail. It is not only the sweets that make your Buffet look great we will theme your Buffet to match you Wedding or event and include your colours scheme. We will introduce your colours in the Ribbons on the labels and scoops/tongs, Organza table Runner or overlay and Sweetie Bags. We can also add decorative accessories to further match your theme. Photos can be found in our Gallery.



Choose your Sweets or Gourmet Popcorn Flavours

At Bon Bon Buffets we supply a wide range of Sweets for you to choose from. From old Retro favourites to delicious fudge, we will have something for everyone! We can colour code your Buffet to match your colour theme or just simply your favourites! Please take a look at our Sweets page for more information on the number of varities to choose and our Sweets list, or visit our Popcorn page for more information on our Gourmet Popcorn Buffets.



Choose your Labels and Welcome Sign design and wording

We think that your jar labels and Welcome Signs are as impotant as any other part of your Buffet! Not only to they tell you and your guests what yummy treats are available but they can also tie in the whole theme. We have many designs in our Gallery to choose from or they can be designed especially for you! For more information please take a look at our Labels and Welcome Signs pages.



Any Extras?

In addition to your Buffet we offer truly unique extras to enhance your Sweetie Buffet that you won't find anywhere else!! Why not add a "Chocolate Explosion", a Backdrop or Personalised bunting? More information can be found on our Options page and our Prices page;

and remember to look out for the Pink "Optional Extra" symbol.

Optional Extra


Contact us!

To order your truly personalised Sweetie Buffet or any of our products, simply give us a call or send us an email! 

It is never too early to order and we welcome all enquiries. If you feel that you would like to discuss your order in more depth face to face, why not visit us at one of our Wedding Shows, Shopping Centre Stands or other events? Or for a more personal discussion we can arrange a meeting at your home to discuss your order and view any samples.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Can't decided? Don't worry, leave it to us! Just let us know your theme or favourite colour and let us do the rest!