Personalised Wrappers

Optional Extra

In addition to all the great items included in your Buffet we can also include some optional extras to make it even more fabulous! We can add personalised  wrappers to you Buffet at just a small extra cost. They can be personalised in your colours, photo or company logo, names, date or any other wording of your choice. We have some designs for you to chose from in our Gallery, but don't be afraid to ask if you don't see a design you like and we will do our best to design them for you.

Love Heart Wrappers


Our personalised Love Heart wrappers are priced per 60 Love Hearts rolls. If your Sweetie Buffet contains more Love Hearts but you would perfer not to pay more, we will simply add your Personalised Love Hearts on top or mix them in.

Your Personalised Love Heart wrappers can also be included in our Chocolate Explosions and favours. Most of our favours contain two Love Hearts therefore as a guide the price given on our "Prices" page is per 30 Favours.

For more photos of our deigns please take a look at our "Personalised Wrappers Gallery".

Personalised Hershey's Kisses Wrappers


Coming Soon!