Table Garlands


Our Table Garlands are lovely additional extras to our Sweetie Buffets. They are handmade by us so you will not find them anywhere else!

Table Garlands are a great finishing touch to the front edge of your table and and tie in a whole look.

Optional Extra

Handmade personalised Paper Bunting


Our Handmade personalised Paper Bunting is yet another unique extra to really make your Sweetie Buffet stand out!

We hand make each and every one expecially for you! They can contain ANY wording of your choice in a wide range of fonts and each pendant can be almost ANY shape! Including "Papel picado" Mexican style Bunting.

Each line of Bunting will be tried with matching or contrasting satin ribbon or our extra wide Jute twine.

Please take a look at our Gallery for more photos.


Handmade Paper Fan Garland


Our Paper Fans are a lovely elegant addition to your Buffet.

Each any every Paper Fan is handmade by ourselves so you will not find anything quite like them anywhere else!

They can be made in wide range of colours to match your colour scheme/theme and most papers are available in a pearlesent finish for added shine. Each fan can also contain two different colours!

They are so versatile and will suit any theme, Soft pastel colours will give a very vintage look or Pearlesent Gold will suit a dramatic art deco style and will really make the theme pop! The possibilities are endless!

They are also available as a Backdrop accessory.

Tassel Garland


Tassel Garlands are extremely popular and on trend for Weddings and parties. These beautiful handmade garlands are sure to be a talking point and give a soft, fluffy and colourful look.

They look great along the table edge to bring any plain table linen to life. They can be made in many colours with each tassel in matching or contasting colours.