Valentine's Day Gifts


At Bon Bon Buffets we have a great range of handmade gifts for your loved one this Valentine's Day!

Some of our designs are EXCLUSIVE to Bon Bon Buffets! Including our "Sweethearts Sweet Treats Gift Box ©" which is a fantastic treat to share with your loved one!

Sweethearts Sweet Treats Gift Box ©


Our unique "Sweethearts Sweet Treats Gift Box ©" is a new and exciting EXCLUSIVE Gift that you will not find anywhere else!


This original gift contains all the ingredients for a sweet and cosy Valentine's Night in with your loved one.


This fantastic Gift Box is not only a great gift for your Special Someone but a perfect way to treat your Chrildren, Grandchildren, Nieces and Nephews etc.. this Valentine's Day.


With this Gift box you and your Valentine can enjoy and share a Sweethearts Strawberry Milkshake topped with White Chocolate Buttons and fluffy, sweet mini mallows with some vintage paper straws. Along side your Strawberry Shake are two Valentine Treats Sweet cones and a "Little bag of Love" and a "Little bag of Chocolate Kisses" to share.


All the amazing contents is lovingly presented in a Bright Red card box and tag, filled with bright Red shed and hand tied with "Be my Valentine" fabric Ribbon. We use only the best branded ingredients for our Gift Boxes and are professionally heat sealed for freshness.


Gift Box contents: A Nesquik Strawberry Milkshake cone with Haribo mini Marshmallows & two paper straws, Individually Wrapped (two small portions or one large portion per cone), Two Sweet Cones - Mini Strawberry Jelly Beans, Haribo Heart Throbs and Heart Mallows, "Little bag of Love" - 8 Swizzles Matlow Love Hearts and "Little Bag of Kisses" - 10 Hersheys Milk Chocolate Kisses.

Box dimentions: 25.5 x 25.5 cm W, 10 cm H



Vintage Gift Box


Our unique Vintage Gift Box is part of our new range of exciting Seasonal Gifts that everyone will love!


This Vintage Gift Box contains two lovely Victorian Style Plastic Sweetie Jars filled with a selection of delicious Sweeties in an eye-catching Vintage gift box.


Our Vintage Gift Box will make a great gift for your Loved one! This Gift Box is currently available with a choice of four Valentine's Treats or other sweets available, Just ask when ordering*:

  • Strawberry Candy Hearts,

  • Mini Strawberry Jelly Beans,

  • Heart Shaped Mallows,

  • Heart Throbs.


The beautiful Victorian Jars are lovingly presented in a Bright Red Vintage card box and tag, filled with bright Red shed and hand tied with Festive Red and White Twine complete this wonderful gift!


Jar dimentions: 18.5 cm H, 7.5 cm WBox dimentions: 18 x 18cm W, 10cm H

* All products are subject to availability



Sweetheart Strawberry Shake Cone


Our Nesquik Strawberry Shake Cones are a great additional gift for your Valentine!


Containing two small portions or one Large sharing portion of Sweet Pink Nesquik Milkshake powder, delicious toppings of Nestle Milky Bar Buttons and Haribo Mini Marshmallows and a Vintage Pink Striped Paper Straw.


The powder is simply stirred into cold milk and topped with the Chocolate Buttons and Mini Marshmallow! Also included are instructions for use on each label.


Our Shake Cones are heat sealed for freshness and the paper straw is individually wrapped for hygine. The powder is double bagged so no messy powder mixed with your toppings. All ready for you to either separate the toppings and powder cone or simply snip off the end of the cone for mess free Milkshake fun.


£2.50 each


Valentine Treat Cones


Our Large Valentine Treat Cones are a great way to treat your Valentine!

Containing delicious Love themed Sweets and tied with lovely metallic fabric ribbon, this is a treat anyone will love!


They are layered with Red Mini Gourmet Jelly Beans, Haribo Heart Throbs and Pink Heart Shaped Mallows.All our Treat Cones are heat sealed for freshness.


£2.50 each


Love & Kisses


Our "Love & Kisses ©" Cellophane bag gift is a lovely, original and quirky gift, only from Bon Bon Buffets!


This lovely little 'play on words' is filled with 20 yummy Swizzles Matlow Love Heart's and 20 Hersheys Milk Chocolate Kisses!


Perfect for sharing!



Heart Mallows


Lovely, Pink, Fluffy, Heart Shaped Mallows are lovingly baged and presented with festive metallic heart fabric ribbon and handmade tag, will make the perfect treat for your Valentine!