Welcome Signs -

At Bon Bon Buffets not only to we handmake fabulous Jar Labels for your Buffet but we also include personalised handmade signs to Welcome your guests to your Buffet!


We hand make each and every sign for every Buffet.

We have specialist tools which allows our signs to be cut into almost any shape to match your Jar Labels! We have a selection of shapes and styles in our Gallery for you to choose from but if you don't see what you like, just let us know! We will add your names, event date, and any other information you would like to your sign along with your chosen Welcome. Examples include:

"Help Yourself!"

"Keep Calm and Eat Sweets"

"Our Sweetie Buffet"

"Love is Sweet"

"Roll up, Roll up"

The list goes on.....


Our signs can be either free standing, in/on a hired item. We currently have available:

an ornate champagne coloured frame, a cream shabby chic style easel, Vintage Gold Frame, Vintage White Frame or attached to another accessory in the form of bunting or a tag (items such as our wooden crate or Wicker Hamper Baskets).


More photos of our signs can be found in our Gallery.